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Bling Jeans and Jean Jackets With Swarovski Hotfix Crystals! by Rachel Sirota

Adorn your old jeans with Swarovski crystal rhinestones to become trendy stylish jeans of today. You can bedazzle with bling by using your regular jeans out of your own closet or treat yourself to a new pair that doesn't cost a fortune because of the artwork.  Most likely you're not doing farmwork so why look like you do.  Today's fashion calls for crystal detailing on jean pockets and legs.  Simple designs of dragonflies, butterflies, bugs, stars and hearts or initials to mention a few, are easy ways to upgrade your jeans and make them look designer expensive without the pricetag.
Here's how to bling those jeans and create fabulous stylish jeans that bring on the bling without breaking the bank.  Use a Hotfix Wand Applicator to attach those Swarovski hotfix rhinestones to pockets.  We suggest using 10SS or 12SS size hotfix rhinestones; please no larger because of abrasive use on the rearend that comes with sitting etc. Use the correct size tip for your Swarovski hotfix crystals that you will place on your Hotfix Wand for application onto your jeans.  Please see our article on Hotfix Wand Application on our website for instructions and details for actual use.
Now you are ready to create those designer looking jeans. If you happen to have a pair of jeans with an already freestyle design on the pockets or elsewhere then feel free to apply 10SS or 12SS Swarovski Hotfix Crystals directly above the design one by one evenly spaced using the Hotfix Wand.  Or feel free to make your own design.  Make sure to turn Swarovski Hotfix Rhinestones so they face you with crystal side up when you place them on surface to work from. Use tweezers or wax postioner stick for turning crystals. Using the correct size tip they will each fit one by one into the Wand for heating and then proper placement. Please read and use the Hotfix Wand Applicator as directed.  It's not difficult and you will be amazed at the transformation.  Everyone will think you spent a small fortune!
You're not done yet........ There's more possibilities - Jean legs!  Why stop with jean pockets when the jean legs can also be adorned to dazzle your contemporaries into thinking a designer is at work.  Use size 10SS or 12SS Hotfix Swarovski Crystals so they don't peel off in the washing machine.  We like to recommend turning them inside out.  If you are handwashing you can use a larger size like 16SS of 20SS.  You can create a jean leg design on both the upper and lower pant leg of the same leg or try following close by the seam of the leg creating a long row of single or double rows of Swarovski hotfix crystals all the way down the pant leg.  Another idea is to decorate bottom sections of leg only with an original design on each leg. Let your imagination and personal style be your guide.
For a cute pant cropped look try folding the bottoms up and attach the seam sides as well as front and back for your cuff hem to stay in place.  Then decorate with a row or two of Swarovski crystals going straight across the fronts of the cropped cuffs. This look is so cute on little girls who grow so tall so fast because it allows for rehemming the pants at a later date.  Want to show off that fabulous sexy backside then make a modified softer edged and widened W design and adorn with Swarovski Hotfix Crystals. Draw a set of lips and outline with the color  "light siam " Swarovski Hotfix Rhinestones for a fun attention getting pocket. 
Don't forget those jean jackets for the cooler weather. You can simply follow the collar line or put a small design or triangle point on the front tip of the collar.  Always try to detail any front pockets with Swarovski Crystal  Rhinestones.  Don't forget to put a simple small design on the right or left back shoulder blade as  top designers often do.  Make a swirl design on back for more dazzle.  Try a Swarovski crystal row trimmed straight down the front of your jacket alongside your buttons for an oppulent fashion statement.  Add original designs and fun shapes that complement your style.  You'll be able to go from day into night looking fabulous in creations that look expensive with a designer touch of bling.  Only you know! To tell or not is up to you!

This article was published on Thursday 28 August, 2008.
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