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“Baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads” are words of an old show tune that define appreciation for fabulous crystals. The rhythm and intensity of color and illumination are showcased in Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals, the prestigious leaded glass, have long been the distinctive rhinestones of choice, particularly when it comes to the crystal’s brilliance, clarity of color and multi-faceted cut. Other Czech Republic and Austrian rhinestones do not compare with the Swarovski rhinestones whose brilliant colors, cuts, and shapes are world renowned.

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Through “Crystals2love” buy genuine Swarovski rhinestone crystals, the finest Austrian crystal rhinestones on the market. Only genuine Swarovski crystals are created by a special secret recipe of Daniel Swarovski which has been used for over 100 years by the Swarovski Company to create these magnificent rhinestones. Each crystal is identical and faceted with impeccable accuracy. Truly, Swarovski crystals are recognized as the world’s finest rhinestones because of their consistent cut and long lasting color. Their outstanding workmanship and superiority justifies their worldwide name of distinction among rhinestones enthusiasts. Swarovski crystals are a masterpiece of manufacturing excellence.

Swarovski Crystals have been Dazzling People for over 100 Years

The Swarovski Company was established in 1895 as a factory in Austria, after Daniel Swarovski received a patent for his cutting machine, a relief from the old and difficult manual cutting process, and lead to the beautiful creation of Swarovski crystals. The outcome was uniformity for all Swarovski crystals and a cheaper affordable price. Swarovski crystals are still prized for their quality and brilliance to this day.

We carry the original standard Swarovski flatback rhinestone as well as a variety of Swarovski hot fix rhinestones and Swarovski beads. They all come in a variety of colors and sizes. All of the products we sell would be classifed as loose rhinestones which means that each one is separate and unattached.  We hope you will find the Swarovski rhinestone a great medium to work with and use “crystals2love” as your supplier of choice. The outstanding brilliance and radiant colors of genuine Swarovski crystals will help you create special pieces of distinction. We sincerely hope you will take advantage of our excellent Swarovski crystals and speedy delivery. Please give us a try for unbeatable product, service and price. You’ll love working with us. We take pride in our great customer feedback and speedy delivery. We sell bulk packages of Swarovski crystals, 5 and 10 gross, at wholesale prices,  We have tried to make your online shopping experience a simple and easy one. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and decide to do business with us.

When reflecting back in time, would you have guessed that the first rhinestones were named after the Rhine River whose banks border Germany and Austria? People collected stones for their natural beauty. Most rhinestones come from Austria and the Czech Republic. For thousands of years, people have been creating glass stones using various formulas for glass and various shades of colors.

The creation of any glass crystal is formed by a combination of sand (silica), soda (a form of salt), and lime (burnt limestone) in the presence of extreme heat these elements melt together to form glass. The Swarovski Company has perfected this technique and makes crystals like no other by using an exclusive glass recipe, which is still a well kept secret today. In the 1800’s Daniel Swarovski also invented a precision cutting machine which allows each brilliant rhinestone more faceted cuts repeated with exact precision than other brands of rhinestones. Swarovski flatback rhinestones have 14 facets instead of the ordinary 8 facets in addition to a higher lead content in the crystal glass which explains the increased clarity among Swarovski flatback rhinestones. This devotion to excellence of accuracy and detail has made Swarovski crystals the most prized rhinestones to use and own.

Discounted Genuine Swarovski Rhinestones are our Business

Be assured that “Crystals2Love” sells genuine Swarovski rhinestones directly to you at a discount.  Our rhinestones are cheap in price, but are of the highest quality.  Whether the crystals purchased are (Style 2028) Swarovski flatback rhinestones, Swarovski hot fix rhinestones, or one of our many other styles of Swarovski rhinestones; you will be satisfied. Whether they are (Style 5000) round crystal beads, (Style 5301 beads) bicones, (Style 6000) teardrop pendants or Swarovski pearls, these genuine Swarovski rhinestones are most in demand and used in many projects. Our Swarovski rhinestones are available in 1 gross and less depending on item and in bulk sales of 5 and 10 gross at wholesale prices.

Today Swarovski is considered timeless elegance in the entertainment and fashion world as well as the household. The fiery brilliance and sparkle of these Swarovski rhinestones are found everywhere. Imagine that the largest Swarovski crystal chandelier ever made is in the home of the Sultanate of Oman. It is over 3 stories tall and contains over 600,000 crystals!

The entertainment world has used Swarovski crystals to enhance the visual enjoyment of small and large production numbers by adding the glitz of sparkling Swarovski crystal beads to dancer’s costumes on stage and on the ice. Swarovski rhinestones are often used to adorn wedding dresses, headpieces and formal gowns, party dresses, purses, belts, hair ornaments, hats, gloves, and shoes. Even every day clothes make a fashion statement when Swarovski rhinestones and Swarovski beads are applied. Latest fashion trends have dressed up everything from denim to sophisticated and flamboyant outfits. Trend setters use Swarovski crystals and Swarovski crystal beads for upcoming seasons to add shimmer and shine to the ordinary.

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24 pcs SQUARE JET BLACK 6mm Preciosa Maxima Flatback
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