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Make sure to use the appropriate Rhinestone Glue when Adhering to Fabrics

Swarovski flatback rhinestones with foiled back can be attached to fabrics and most surfaces by using rhinestone glue. When applying the Swarovski flatback rhinestones to fabric use a rhinestone glue that is designed to bond nonporous items to fabric and one that can handle gentle washing such as “Gem-Tac glue” which we recommend. Avoid using “super” glues and hot glue guns and well as those rhinestone glues containing “acetone”. Also avoid any general purpose glues which will not hold up well.

Hints on Attaching Swarovski Rhinestones with Rhinestone Glue

Hint: Put a dollop of rhinestone glue into a small plastic cap and use an orange stick (wood stick used to push back cuticles) or toothpick to dab small drops onto fabric. Use enough glue for varied sizes of Swarovski rhinestones, making sure the edge of each Swarovski rhinestone is sitting in the glue for maximum adhesion when placing rhinestone with a wax picker-upper stick to press in place. The rhinestone glue appears white, but dries clear. Do not let rhinestone glue form a gooey hardened top skin before gluing because Swarovski rhinestones won’t stick properly. Add more dollops of rhinestone glue to plastic cap as needed and remember to cover glue bottle or tube with cap while working on project so it doesn’t dry. Do not move fabric for 24 hours allowing it to dry. Wait one week before gentle washing or hand washing.

What to use on Non-Fabric Surfaces to Adhere Your Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

Use E6000 glue (consistency of airplane glue) to adhere your Swarovski flatback rhinestones to many household projects such as cell phone, iPod and handbag decorating etc. Be aware that when lifting it during application a threadlike string of glue may occur which needs to be caught and wiped away. You can apply in a straight short line from center working out for these projects and quickly place Swarovski flatback rhinestones. Some items may need to be roughened by sanding. Always allow glue to dry for 24 hours or more.

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