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Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestones are the best way to ensure Long Lasting Adhesion

The best way to guarantee adhesion to fabric that is being gently washed is to use Swarovski hot fix rhinestones which already have a glue coating on the back that is activated by heat. A hot fix tool, which is an electric heating wand, uses various tip sizes for easy application. Screw in the correct tip size for the size of each of the Swarovski hot fix rhinestones being used, than heat the wand for about 2 minutes. Do be careful, the metal end of the wand and the tip as well as any metal parts are burning hot and should not be touched. It is necessary to have a safe place to rest your tool like a board or plate in between applications if necessary. Often there is a hands-free support stand on the hot fix applicator. Meanwhile, using a wax positioner stick, place each of the Swarovski hot fix rhinestones selected turned face up. Now Vertically position the wand over the item you want to pick up and lightly pick up the rhinestone in the cup of the tip. Don’t force the stone into the tip. Push the correct tipped hot fix tool over a rhinestone and hold it up for about 12 seconds while watching for the glue on crystal to bubble to a shiny, lighter shade. Only when the rhinestone is heated, place it by lightly tapping the crystal on the fabric you want to decorate and quickly remove the hot fix tool. You do not need to use much pressure. The Swarovski hot fix rhinestones will adhere to the fabric in a few seconds when glue cools. Remember to have a safe place to rest your hot fix tool if necessary in between applications.

Pre-Arrange Designs before attaching your Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals

It is always best to arrange your designs first and place Swarovski hot fix crystals, using wax positioner stick, in their proper upright position (glue on bottom) so they are ready to go into hot fix tool. Pre-plan your design so that when the Swarovski hot fix crystals are heated you are ready for immediate placement so you can continue to heat the next rhinestone to be placed on fabric.

Sizes of Rhinestones:
Sizes are universal by using ss to mean “stone size”, and range from ss5, it’s tiny (1.7 to 1.9millimeters in diameter) to ss48( 10.9 to 11.3 millimeters) it’s big. Size 16ss and 20ss are our most popular size. Size 16ss is recommended for use on flip flops with 2 to 3 rows being used on front straps. For cellphones and ipods depending on space to cover use 12ss or 16ss crystals.

Colors of Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals:
Crystal is clear and the most common rhinestone with no color and a “diamonite” like appearance. Colors are transparent with many gemlike colors often easily named as emerald for green, peridot for lime green and sapphire for royal blue, amethyst for purple and siam or ruby for red. Any color with “light” in front of it, is just a paler version of the color Swarovski hot fix crystals.

The Aurora Borealis (AB) Coating creates an Array of Colors on our Swarovski Crystals

AB Swarovski crystals refer to the clear stones that have an Aurora Borealis coating added to the stone to give it a beautiful prismatic effect. This AB coating applied to Swarovski crystals effects the light’s refraction so the stone appears to reflect colors of the rainbow with the clear base color showing through as most dominant. Swarovski Crystal AB rhinestones are clear crystal stones with an AB coating applied. The AB coating casts the light’s colors in all ranges and appears to reflect an Aurora Borealis throughout the clear Swarovski crystals.

AB Color Swarovski crystals use AB coatings on colored crystal which reflect truer range of colors in the red, blue, green and gold areas. Other AB rhinestones such as the Czech stones reflect more of a gold/yellow color than the true color brilliance of our AB coated Swarovski Crystals.

Effect Colors are special colors usually producing two or more different colors through polarization of the glass so that light affects its color depending how light hits it. Only Swarovski crystals have perfected this method and thus has a much broader color spectrum of choice.

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